Canoeing starts from Türi. One-day canoe-trip with length of 22 km ends on Kurgja.
Two-day canoe-trip ends on Suurejõe or Vihtra.  On C. R. Jakobson’s House Museum territory we have a nice camping place on, possible to pre-order meals.

The river is relatively straight, calm, with some rapids and mill dams – suitable for beginners.

We use the most popular in canoes „Jüri“”. Canoe „Jüri“ is a universal three seat  canoe, suitable for canoeing  both rapidly and calmly flowing rivers and lakes.Length

  • Length: 490 cm
  • Width: 90 cm
  • Capacity: 350 kg
  • Equipment
Recommended clothing:


In case of poor summer weather, we recommend a relatively strong and windproof clothing, rubber boots or sport shoes. Otherwise, shorts and shoes to wade in water which don’t cause stress (flip-flops, old sneakers and party shoes since 83 …)

Against mosquitoes and other bugs we recommend to take with appropriate chemicals and other repellents.


Winter, early spring, late autumn:

Suitable are clothing designed for sailing or a similar water and wind resistant suit or jacket and pants. For footwear we recommend rubber boots. Gloves should be thick and warm, possibly also water resistant. We recommend ski or snowboarding gloves, or other warm gloves. But the best are special neoprene gloves used for diving and water sport.

Canoeing price list

1-day canoe trip on river Pärnu

Group 30-40 people
E–N 20.- EUR / person
R,L,P 25.- EUR / person

2-day canoe trip on river Pärnu
Group 30-40 people
E–N 30.- EUR / person
R,L,P 35.- EUR / person

3-day canoe trip on river Pärnu
Group 30-40 people
E-N 42.- EUR / person
R,L,P 47.- EUR / person

The price includes a place in a canoe, life jacket, paddle, training, on-site transportation. Children on parent’s canoe for free. Children up to 16 on rower seat at half price.

NB! We recommend that you bring a change of clothes.  We recommend using waterproof packing for exchange clothes.

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