Everyone, who is able to wear arms, to shoot targets and to control their own actions, can play paintball. Young and old, men and women, as well as players from different fields of life can play paintball. Paintball is a sporty fighting game in which players compete in teams by tagging opponents with capsules of dye. Playing paintball adds courage, accuracy and develops strategic thinking and teamwork. On paintball game you have to perform a specific task. On Veski-Silla you have to conquest opponent’s flag on paintball ground. Veski-Silla paintball ground is located on the small island in the river and this makes paintball match more attractive. In addition to attractive paintball ground, Veski-Silla offer s high level Infermo weapons and special clothing. It is also possible to play paintball on the exciting places on territory of Estonia, for example on old military bases. 

Paintball price list.
Paintball ground Price list Equipment includes Additional paint ball
On territory of Veski-Silla 12.- EUR / person Weapon, special clothing, mask and 50 paint balls 0,07 EUR / tk
Equipment rental, one day within Estonia 23.- EUR / person Weapon, special clothing, mask and 100 paint balls 0,07 EUR / tk
Mängida saab nii Veski-Silla mänguväljakul, kui ka EV piires vanades sõjaväebaasides või muudes põnevates kohtades.

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